About Us

Candles have always been a part of me, ever since from my teenage years I loved scented candles.
After spending so much money on candles and never being completely satisfied, it was when I purchased my first home and I went out and spent a huge amount of money on a premium candle, I lit it up and couldn't smell the candle. From that day I wondered if I could create a candle that was affordable, but also wanting the candle to smell. 
The only customers I had were my friends and family who would come back and want more. This gave me the confidence to go sell publicly. 
Now as a mum of four children, life is busy but also never loosing my concept of wanting to make sure affordability is still able in these post pandemic times. 
We are always making sure we find the right ingredients and ensuring we don't make it expensive. We understand the means of living and how we like to enjoy the small things in life and if it means to do this at a small cost. 
Creating and being different has always been in me, with being a makeup artist and also hairdresser you know the color and uniqueness is always in my blood. Why couldn't I get creative with my candles? 
Now in 2023, I have been advancing my skills by learning exclusive candles that we will be presenting to you all throughout the year.